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We are a peer mentoring group for young Black women throughout the United States in middle school, high school, and college. Our purpose is to empower young women and girls, through a multitude of outlets: preparing them for college and their careers, serving the community, and building sisterhood.


Girl Boss 101 Saturday Program 

Our Saturday program is tailored towards young Black women in high school. Every month our students meet to participate in career and college readiness focused workshops, as well as educational girl talks.


ANA's Mentoring Program

ANA's Mentoring Group is our after school program for middle school-aged girls. Our program serves to educate girls on topics that are not often discussed in the classroom or included in the curriculum. In America, young black women are often silenced in society. Our program is purposed to remind them that they have a voice, power, and influence.

Impact the Lives of Young Black Women & Girls Today!